Our Commitment to Self and Society began in the spring of 2021, following a difficult year of loss and unrest.  It was the vision of Reverend David Williams to bring people in Fort Collins together to heal as a community, and to move Fort Collins closer to being a “Choice City” for all. The vision was that individuals, community leaders, organizations and businesses would come together to make commitments to change the way we do business, by creating an ongoing community of transparency and accountability. Pastor David called in the help of colleagues to join in the project.  

Since then, we have been joined by many community leaders and individuals in this initiative.  On the anniversary of the murder of George Floyd we put out our first community statement of purpose in the form of an interview on the “Faith in Progress” radio show  on KRFC. That was followed by a press release on Juneteenth inviting the community to join with us, and a Town Hall, with over 100 registered, to launch the initiative.

We are asking that people go beyond supportive words, to actual commitments of action to make real change in our community. We are currently recruiting businesses and organizations to examine their practices and commit to changes in their organizations.

Our goal is to recognize and celebrate businesses, institutions and organizations in our community that are stepping up and making this a more just and welcoming community for all. 

In addition, we are planning periodic events where people can come together and meet others who they would not ordinarily meet in their daily lives. We want to reach across racial, religious, generational, ethnic, gender, ability, and language divides. We believe that once we meet the “other” they cease to be seen as other and we become one community.

We appreciate your time and hope you can join us in the many capacities of the work that we all need to accomplish to make this truly Choice City for all.