Our Goals

Our Commitment to Self and Society is an exciting new initiative in the Fort Collins area that seeks to bring together leaders of businesses, non-profits, local government and faith communities in a long-term partnership to acknowledge, and to end, racial disparities and inequities in our community.

In order to guarantee a more just and equitable society, those who wield the greatest power must lead by example.

End discrimination

Over the last few years in our country, we have all witnessed the horrific shootings and homicides heavily inflicted on young men and women of color.  In response to these tragedies, our streets have been filled with family members grieving, and community members in outrage.

Partly in response to these incidents, more light has been shed on discrimination against other marginalized groups, including but not limited to Asian-Americans, Latinx, the disabled, LGBTQ+, indigenous people, and others.

Not enough has been heard from leaders of the businesses and institutions that employ many of the people most affected by this recent history, as well as their families and supporters.

We call on local leaders of businesses, government and institutions:

  • To go on record denouncing these acts of violence directed disproportionately at people color; and
  • To help relieve the anxiety and fears of our community members, that this type of archaic behavior will no longer be tolerated in our community, now or ever!

We are asking local businesses, government and institutions to commit their employees, staff, directors and shareholders, to:

  • Ensure that all who are involved in these businesses and institutions to achieving excellence, not only in the product or service that they sell or market, but also excellence in showing respect and giving respect to every employee at all times, both at work and in the community; and
  • A policy of hiring and promotion that is guided by the demographic make-up of the Fort Collins area.

We are asking that this Statement of Commitment be shared publicly, for transparency and accountability, at least twice a year.

We are asking leadership representatives to come together in a public meeting at least once a year, to report on their success in creating goals to recruit, retain, and promote those who have so often been denied pathways of success in their businesses and institutions.

We invite people from all levels of businesses, institutions, government and faith communities to come together in social/cultural gatherings at least annually, so that everyone has an opportunity to meet  and get to know people they would otherwise not be likely to meet.


We seek a commitment from all who live and work in the Fort Collins area to work together to make Fort Collins truly a Choice city for all!

We seek a commitment from all who live and work in the Fort Collins area to work together to make Fort Collins truly a Choice city for all!